Guarding Solutions

When it comes to protecting people and property, the deployment of experienced security guards is the best option. It acts as a powerful deterrent and allows for rapid intervention in any situation.

Our highly-trained security guards are of an exceptional calibre: they know when to stand back and observe and they know when to step in and act.

We proud to be an SIA Approved Contractor, ensuring the highest standards of private security. The SIA (Security Industry Authority) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry on behalf of the Government, assisting and raising performance standards in the security guarding sector.

Most crime in the UK results from the illegal acquisition of property, representing about two thirds of all crime. Protecting your property can be a challenge. Trained security guards provide the answer. TCS provides two types of guarding, to cover every situation:

Static Guards

Ever vigilant, our well-equipped, experienced guards are trained to notice anything which doesn’t look right and take necessary action immediately. They patrol premises and perimeters to detect and mitigate any threats.

Our SIA-licensed Static Guards are perfect for high-profile assignments such as controlling entry to buildings, barrier control, or protecting high-risk building sites and industrial sites.

Mobile Guards

TCS Mobile Guards provide a cost-effective solution and visible deterrent when full-time, static guarding is not necessary or not practical. Mobile security patrols are carried out to an agreed brief, designed to deter potential intruders. These highly-trained units will also respond to incidents, such as alarm activation.

TCS works closely with the career transition partnership, involving us in re-employment of service leavers from the armed forces. Their skills and discipline set them aside from some other firms’ guards.

Our people are our single most valuable asset, and their recruitment, training and development is key to meeting and exceeding the high standards our clients rightly expect.

To find out more about security guards, call TCS on 0800 917 4767