Behind every successful event, there are hours of planning and preparation. TCS provides teams of experienced security operatives to ensure the safety of performers, exhibitors and audiences at a wide range of events.

These range from concerts and exhibitions, to civil war reenactments and world class facility events, such as the opening of the International Bomber Command Centre in Lincolnshire.

TCS is equipped to assist every event organiser, regardless of the scale or the complexity of the operation. This includes green field sites and some of the UK’s largest, most prestigious venues. Staff are selected with your particular event in mind, wearing correct attire.

We perform pre-event risk assessments and appraisals, including staffing levels, access control, first aid and other logistical requirements. This includes agreed response procedures and contingencies to deal with incidents such as unwelcome guests, inappropriate activity, suspicious packages, medical emergencies and lost or stolen property.

Thanks to our consistently high service we have established strong relationships that make us a trusted supply partner to all kinds of event organisers, from small local gatherings to globally significant occasions.
Our event security officers are respected for their approachability, trustworthiness, dependability, confidence and discipline.

If you need professional event security, call TCS on 0800 917 4767.