Close Protection Course Director

Ken served with 22 SAS for over 23 years. During his time in the regiment he was involved in the creation and development of the departments and techniques for which the SAS is now world famous. This included the bodyguard training cell, the counter-terrorist team, the counter revolutionary warfare wing and the founding of 14 Intelligence Company. He served and trained with other special forces groups around the world and saw active service in four different theatres of war. He is a graduate of the US ranger and airborne programmes. After leaving the SAS he worked as security consultant on assignments throughout the world providing advice and services to many of the Fortune 500 companies and foreign heads of state. He has audited many close protection teams for individuals who are at risk and trains in specialist security services.

Ken is the author and co-author of a number of books including Ghost Force: The Secret History of the SAS.


Executive Protection Specialist

Richard served in the British Army for 18 years, 13 of which were spent in the 22nd Special Air Services Regiment. During this time Richard developed a wide range of skills including counter-terrorism and VIP protection.
Richard joined the private sector in 1989 and has worked for a number of private security companies operating as an international security consultant since this time.
Having experience working for Government officials, multi-national companies and senior executives Richard has become recognised as one of the leading experts in the field of VIP protection and business security.


Close Protection & Surveillance Trainer

Jim served a total of 24 years with the British Army, 21 years of which were served in 22 SAS Regiment. He saw active service in the far and Middle East as well as in Northern Ireland during the height of “The Troubles”. During his service he also worked closely with the foreign and commonwealth office in the fight against terrorism. Jim left the SAS as the chief instructor of the counter-revolutionary warfare wing, responsible for the training of the SAS, affiliated special forces and security agencies in a variety of core specialist security skills including close protection, surveillance, hostage rescue, and close quarter shooting skills.

After making a successful transition into the civilian specialist security sector, Jim has provided close protection teams for foreign heads of state, middle eastern royal families, and corporate CEO’s from Fortune 500 companies. He has worked worldwide in the training a provision of CP Teams for VIP’s who have considered themselves and their families to be at risk. Additionally, he has carried out surveillance assignments in the UK, Europe, South America, and the Middle East for commercial companies. He has also been involved in training surveillance skills to a number of UK government agencies.


First Aid Training Specialist

Derrick served a total of 22 Years Military Service, 14 of which he served within British Special Forces. During this period he trained to paramedic level as a patrol medic and was also an expert in all forms of communications, both military and civilian. He also spent three years as a senior instructor with the University of Wales officer training corps, which involved selection, training, and development of students expressing interest in becoming serving officers. Since leaving the forces he has been involved in specialist medical training for individuals/groups working in hostile environments. These include police specialist firearms units, journalists, outdoor instructors, expedition leaders, and helicopter crews. His expertise learned whilst at the University of Wales is now put to use in designing and instructing team building courses. Skills learned within the special forces have added another string to his bow as a technical surveillance counter measures expert.

He has a passion for his work and is a great believer in being able to work and to train others to work “outside the box”. He also believes first aid training should be realistic, relevant and also dove-tailed into other aspects of training. It should not be taught as a separate entity. He has a wealth of knowledge in the close protection industry and has worked at all levels including team leader. This knowledge and his tactical awareness have proved invaluable in designing relevant medical courses to fit both CP and police environments.


Kung Fu Expert

Alan is Head Instructor of Kung Fu Schools Croydon a full time martial arts school in which he heads a team of instructors and teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu. Alan has a martial arts background ranging over a period of 30 years, has an extensive and varied background on martial arts from Judo to Ju Jitsu, but his first love is Wing Chun Kung Fu. Alan has trained in many countries around the world which includes Hong Kong, Italy, America, Germany, and Austria.

Alan has also worked in the security industry and has worked on many self defence courses for schools and vulnerable people, to his credit he has an NVQ in Martial Arts Teaching.