Remote CCTV"Self-sufficient, rapidly deployable, deterrent system"

Our proven remote CCTV system has successfully reduced our clients security costs without compromising efficiency, quality or risk.

We have achieved this by utilising our partnership with Pro-Vigil (USA) and the Virtual Guard System. This collaboration has allowed T.C.S to continue in its forward thinking approach.

The VGS is capable of utilising less than 2G data (EDGE) to stream LIVE footage. It is a single person deployable solution, self sufficient and pragmatic in all remote environments.

This solution competently secures outdoor assets by our pro-active monitoring team remotely escalating its inbuilt deterrent system on visualisation of any potential or perceived threat in real time.

The Virtual Guards features are:

  • Capable of LIVE monitoring in remote areas.
  • Inbuilt deterrent system consisting of a visual Blue & Red flashing LED strobe and an audible siren including a pre recorded message, remotely activated in combination.
  • IR Lighting which assists with night time monitoring.
  • Fish-eye camera lenses allow for a larger viewing frame.
  • Self-sufficient green power source. (optional)

An example of methanol generator and its deployable housing.

Green Power SourceOur compact 9kg solution to supply power is totally off-grid, reliable, capable of producing energy anywhere maintenance free and without user intervention. This is achieved using a methanol generator and liquid methanol, a fuel with superior energy density.

If you are unable to provide power, we can!